• The latest standard for internet streaming!

    Many radio stations went ahead, Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 has become the latest standard when we’re talking about internet streaming.
  • Axia IP-Audio Driver First with AES67 Compliance!

    We are proud to announce v2.10 of the Axia IP-Audio Driver, which makes this the very first IP driver on the market to feature AES67 compliance. 
  • From engineering to production

    Product Engineering is one of leading forces within Triple Audio. We developed a broad variety of products to fulfill the complex needs of our customers. Structured production lines ensure that we deliver pure perfection in our products, which are tailored according to the wishes and demands of the users.
  • Team - PrizeFighter & Comrex VH2

    PrizeFighter is a price administration –system, its database can be linked to telephone hybrids or SMS-platforms. PrizeFighter works with hybrids built by Telos, Yellowtec and from now on, the Comrex VH2 is added to this list!

Engineering & installation

Broadcast technique is one of our main activities. This can vary from simple to very complex techniques in the area of professional audio & video and control, up to the realisation of complete mediastations with networked digital audio & video platforms.

Transmission links

Triple Audio can realise digital and analog links for you via any thinkable medium. Think about audio, video, data and remoteability over IP, but also microwaves, satellite, UMTS, HF, leased lines etc. Other specialties are for example the integration of calamity systems for governmental safety regions, integration of high-end KVM techniques and applications of secretely transferred audio & video content and localisation systems.


Design, realisation and modification of vehicles & mobile installations. The building that was specially designed for the Triple Audio way of working, has a custom garage with a free height of 6,20 m and a length of 28 meters. It is equipped for quick service and realisation of media and reporter vehicles, measure & calibration vehicles, mobile command centres and other special task vehicles. Any form of mobile technique is our business. Any form of mobile technique is our business. We are also specialised in fully automated DC/AC inverter installations. Your vehicle can use 230Vac without a mains supply in the vicinity. These installations are safe and fool-proof and cannot be operated the wrong way. User friendliness and durability are keywords here.