• Comrex Access Portable IP Codec, no accessoiries (rental per day)

    Rent Comrex Access Portable, without any accesoiries. If you want to rent a fully equiped portable, please see item 5578
    Art nr: 10775
    Merk: Comrex
    List price: € 239,45
    Price € 239,45
  • Comrex Access Portable+Mixer+Rackunit (rental per day)

    This set consisting of a Comrex Access Portable plus Plugin mixer is a real OB-van replacer. The mixer plugin offers 5 mic/line inputs (phantom switchable) and 5 headphone outputs. The local/retrun mix can be adjusted independantly.
    Art nr: 11146
    Merk: Comrex
    List price: € 495,00
    Price € 495,00
  • Comrex VH2 (rental per day)

    Any studio that processes phone calls needs hardware to interface with phone lines. This device, traditionally called a Hybrid, filters, separates and provides gain adjustment and call control to more easily allow for recording or broadcasting "phoners".
    Art nr: 14899
    Merk: Triple Audio
    List price: € 145,00
    Price € 145,00
  • Sennheiser SER20 portable transmitter+director-receiver SET (rental per day)

    Proved very hight quality portable transmitter for portable use. With integrated return signal receiver. Complete set with headphone, microphone, carrying bag, antennas, cabling and Flexcharge. In protective roadcase.
    Art nr: 7195
    Merk: Sennheiser
    List price: € 500,00
    Price € 500,00
  • Sonifex hybrid DHY03S remoteable DSP hybrid 19inch (rental per day)

    The digital DHY-03 telephone hybrid is probably the best performing digital hybrid in the world, with simply stunning line balance rejection figures. For the best sounding audio calls you're likely to hear, you should specify the DHY-03. The DHY-03 is fully compatible (Ralex codec&hybrid management system)
    Art nr: 5987
    Merk: Sonifex
    List price: € 165,00
    Price € 165,00
  • Telos Z/IP ONE IP Codec with Analog, AES/EBU and Livewire I/O (rental per day)

    Z/IP ONE is a 1 RU rack-mount IP codec for studios, TOCs and remote kits. Features exclusive Telos Agile Connection Technology (ACT), which automatically senses and adapts to network conditions, maintaining maximum audio quality. Includes AAC-ELD, AAC-HE, AAC-LD, MPEG 4 AAC, MPEG 2 AAC, MPEG Layer 2, G.711, G.722 codecs, plus linear audio. aptX Enhanced codec optional.
    Art nr: 14545
    Merk: Telos
    List price: € 231,12
    Price € 231,12