Sennheiser SER20 portable transmitter+director-receiver SET (rental per day)

Proved very hight quality portable transmitter for portable use.
With integrated return signal receiver.

Complete set with headphone, microphone, carrying bag, antennas, cabling and Flexcharge.
In protective roadcase.

Deposit is: € 750
Rent per day: € 500,00
€ 500,00
Art nr: 7195
Brand: Sennheiser
RTV Rijnmond is a regional broadcaster in The Netherlands. For their live contributions a lot of portable transmitters are in use. Probably the best analog portable transmitter of all times is the SER20 but Sennheiser stopped producing it years ago.There still is no other brand that performs the same or has the same quality and durability. So to make sure continuity is ensured, the choice was...
Omrop Fryslân has realised their own ob-van. Together with Triple Audio an HF control system was built that has a very simple user interface.The HF set consists of a broadband receiver for a portable transmitter, a broadband transmitter for the link to the studio, a smallband transmitter, a CSI receiver (FM sub-band) and a GSM hybrid for the return signal from the studio. The reporter only gets t...
Triple Audio provided the Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep West with an “OB-van in a box”. This is a compact and cost effective solution to put the audio of the mobile transceivers from the reporters through to the studio by means of the proven Comrex Audio over IP codec.The Sonifex Redbox RB-PMX4 preset mixer, combined with the RB-SSML1 mic preamp and headphone amplifier are the hear...