Sonifex hybrid DHY03S remoteable DSP hybrid 19inch (rental per day)

The digital DHY-03 telephone hybrid is probably the best performing digital hybrid in the world, with simply stunning line balance rejection figures. For the best sounding audio calls you're likely to hear, you should specify the DHY-03.

The DHY-03 is fully compatible (Ralex codec&hybrid management system)

Deposit is: € 450
Rent per day: € 165,00
€ 165,00
Art nr: 5987
Brand: Sonifex
The Comrex VH2 VoIP phone hybrid is the brand new showpiece from Comrex. The Comrex VH2 is a 100% VoIP solution and gives the operating experience as any traditional phone hybrid. Furthermore, it provides the user with two digital lines and all the VoIP benefits. The very intuitive front panel controls allow the users to manage their calls without any hassle.Highlights: - A regular VoIP phone...