Telos VX Prime+ VoIP Talkshow System

Telos VX Prime+ is a powerful, cost-effective VoIP broadcast telephone solution sized to
support small- to medium-size facility installations, now in a powerful new 1RU chassis
with support for AES67. VX Prime features 8 high-performance VoIP hybrids to support
multiple lines of concurrent on-air phones, ideal for 2 to 4 studios (or more depending on
your configuration).
Like all VX phone systems, Prime+ uses Ethernet for its network backbones, a powerful
yet simple way to share phone lines among studios and connect system components. It
integrates easily with Axia Livewire IP-Audio networks, connecting multiple channels of
audio and control via a single CAT-5 cable. For clients without Axia networks, Telos
Audio Interfaces, Mixed Signal, and GPIO Nodes provide audio and logic breakout.
VX Prime+ uses standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to work with your VoIP-based
SIP PBX or SIP Telco service. They can easily support hundreds of SIP phone numbers,
with up to 8 individual calls on the air at once (more when conferenced). As many as 96
lines can be available for callers to ring-in. The system is natively SIP-based and can be
used with T1, ISDN, or POTS telephone service when used in conjunction with
Telos-approved Asterisk-based telephone servers, most SIP PBX systems, or
third-party gateways. Each studio can be configured with a dedicated Program-on-Hold
feed. VX Prime+ includes 8 fixed hybrids, without the option to expand.
For fast connection to Livewire AoIP systems, all I/O is handled via a single Livewire
Ethernet jack that connects to your systems Ethernet switch and a wide variety of
peripherals like production workstations, Livewire studio audio, VSet phones, PC-based
screener applications, console-integrated controllers, and more. A separate WAN
Ethernet port enables remote management and easy, secure connection to PBXs and
service providers. Each VX Prime+ purchase includes a download and free use of
Broadcast Bionics XScreen call-screening/management software. Breakthrough Acoustic
Echo Cancellation (AEC) capability helps the long-standing problem of feedback and
echo in open-speaker situations.
Equipped with modular, hot-swap capable dual-redundant internal auto-ranging power
supplies. 90 132 / 187 264 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz. 100 Watts. Rackmount, new 1RU
hardware platform.
Pre-sales configuration assistance with a Telos Engineer is recommended prior to order
placement. Its free and is a great way to make certain that the right system components
are ordered and a clear and workable system design is created. These calls are arranged
through Telos support group and can also include your IT and Telecom professionals
and vendors.
*VX Enterprise systems require Telos VSet phonesets for call control.
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Brand: Telos
IP Phone system for small use, with big advantages With its eight hybrids, the VX Prime is ideal for use in small to medium facilities with two to four studios. The system supports the G.722 codec which makes the use of HD Voice possible. For bigger studios the full version of Telos VX is available.Add to that the fact that VX Prime will ultimately pay for itself due ...
“Radio 538 had to renew her broadcast phone system” explains Wessel de Koning, broadcast engineer at Radio 538. Present hardware was old and needed replacing any time soon.For many years, Radio 538 had relied on several broadcast phone systems by Telos, TwoX12, NX6 and NX12. Triple Audio asked Wessel what did Radio 538 convince to roll out VoIP for their studio’s. “In rece...