Omnia VOLT Multi-Use Audio Processor

Omnia VOLT Multi-Use Audio Processor, is the latest triumph from the people who brought you the multiple-award-winning Omnia.11, the acclaimed Omnia.9, the power-packed Omnia 7, and the 13,000+ Omnia ONEs currently in service.

But this isnt yet just another audio processor.

With Omnia VOLT, we have rewritten the rules for broadcast DSP, fine-tuning our algorithms and creating the worlds best-sounding, most powerful, incredibly versatile 1RU audio processor. And theres more: Quicktweak allows you to build your sound in just minutes, without any hassle. This makes the processor really user-friendly.


Omnias Quicktweak gives you the possibility to fine tune your sound, whether you are an experienced user or novice, everybody can configure this processor. The expert mode allows you to adjust even the most complex features and parameters. Adjust your processing live, via the front panel controls or remote with the computer.

New Features

- New-Generation Frank Foti-designed Clipper
- Six Separate AGC Sections
- Five Separate Time-Aligned Limiters
- Variable Deep Bass, Phat Bass, and Warmth Enhancers
- Stereo Enhancement for FM Analog, without Adding Multipath
- Automatic Mono "Dry Voice" Sensing
- Optimize your airchain and eliminate the need for external pre-processing
- Automatic "Failover" signal switching
- QuickTweak
- Cool Running, Fanless Operation. Omnia VOLT can even be used near live mics.

The Omnia VOLT is employable for literally anything thanks to VOLTs DSP | Core firmware modules. Choose one of the modules listed below, which are free of charge, in this way you can use the processor for the right purpose.

- VOLT FM processor
- VOLT AM processor
- VOLT Low delay studio processor
- VOLT HD/DAB/DRM/Web streaming processor
- VOLT FM stereo generator

With the Omnia VOLT Broadcast Processor, Omnia used completely renewing DSP technology. Using optimized algorithms for the best and powerful sound this is a remendously versatile 1HE audio processor! Omnia VOLT gives you more broadcast energy and processing power in 1HE than most other brands can offer in 3HE. All of this for a price, thousands euros below the competition.

We invite you to compare the compact Omnia VOLT to other audio processors.

List price: € 3 565,77
€ 3 458,80
Art nr: 15073
Brand: Omnia
Now it's FM, now it's HD, the Omnia VOLT can do everything! Here are five reasons for you to get your studio an Omnia VOLT Multi-Use Audio Processor. #1: Budget Omnia VOLT delivers versatility, reliability, and performance at the best price. No need to buy five different processors; switching from one format to another (FM, AM, HD/DAB/DRM, streaming, and stereo generation) is fr...
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