Omnia VOCO 8 Microphone Processor - 2 Microphones

Unit starts at 2 microphones and can handle up to eight. Each of the eight available mic channels in Voco.8 offers a studio-grade pre-amp, phantom power, and controls for phase, pad and gain. The Sound4 processing engine features an advanced natural-sounding deesser, a 3-band noise gate with ultra-fast attack that catches every syllable of even softspoken
talent, a 3-band dynamics processor with Sound4s HQ192 algorithm, 4 bands of parametric EQ, and a brick wall final limiter. Outputs include AES (with AES sync input) and Livewire.
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List price: € 4 579,06
€ 4 441,69
Art nr: 14501
Brand: Omnia
Edwin van der Plank, the processing nerd van Triple Audio, has traveled to Cleveland (Ohio) for an exclusive processing trainging at the the headquarters of the Telos Alliance. The sound on the Radio in the United States differs a lot from the sound we are used to in the Netherlands/Europe. The Telos Alliance is an typical American company and that's wh...
Jeroen has recently become the proud owner of the Omnia.11 processor. He previously used the 6fm/HD EXi processor for running his radiostation in the province of Drenthe. After using the 6fm/HD Exi processor for many years, Jeroen noticed that the time had come to update the processor. The demands for his new product were clear: a processor with open high tones and deep basstones. He started...