Axia xNode Compact IP - Analog xNode

Zero-configuration Ethernet switch optimized for Livewire IP-Audio
applications. Fast setup requires only IP address assignment via frontpanel
OLED display or Axia iProbe software. Web-based management
interface uses built-in HTTP server. Convenient front-panel display
provides port link status, PoE usage and SFP status, plus system
temperature. 9.5 x 11 half-rack form factor allows two xSwitches to
be racked side-by-side. Features 8 10/100MBit Ethernet ports - 4
with PoE to power Axia xNodes, Telos VSet phones, and other
networked devices compatible with the IEEE 802.1af PoE standard.
Two Gigabit ports are provided for trunking, both with RJ-45 (copper)
and SFP (fiber) connections; supports redundant copper/SFP Gigabit
connections with auto-switching. Supports 2,000 Multicast groups
and 2,000 ARP table entries (8x more than other small-form Ethernet
switches). Noiseless and fan-free; can be conveniently placed
adjacent to your audio devices, rack-mounted, or wall-mounted
(using one of the accessory kits listed below). Auto-sensing power
supply, 90VAC to 240VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz. 75 Watts. Occupies 1RU
when rack-mounted.

List price: € 2 021,73
€ 1 961,08
Art nr: 14133
Brand: Axia
Building X of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences opened her doors again for all students and teachers on monday the 12th of November. Building X was closed since October 2017 because the floorconstruction was comparable with the construction of the collapsed parking garage in Eindhoven. Because of repair work, the Journalism study had to move to an emergency location where they had&nbs...
We are proud to announce v2.10 of the Axia IP-Audio Driver, which makes this the very first IP driver on the market to feature AES67 compliance.  Telos Alliance invented AoIP for Broadcast in 2003, which is the story we want to continually tell as it shows that we are the innovators in broadcast tech. Our competitors would like to spin a different tale, however, of Livewire being “old”...
Behold! The close cooperation of Triple Audio and the Telos Alliance, and user feedback has led Axia to the development of the new fader module as shown in the picture below. This new Axia Fusion fader module is developed especially for the west-European market.As you can see, the main difference is that the new module has the faders placed at the bottom, and the start/cue buttons placed above the...