Comrex Access Portable IP Codec, no accessoiries (rental per day)

Rent Comrex Access Portable, without any accesoiries.

If you want to rent a fully equiped portable, please see item 5578

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Deposit is: € 450
Rent per day: € 239,45
€ 239,45
Art nr: 10775
Brand: Comrex
Why not buy a brand new Comrex Access Portable 2USB IP Codec instead of repairing your old one? What’s in it for you?  You turn in your old Comrex Access Portable 2USB IP Codec and in return receive a € 500,- discount with the purchase of a new one. The € 500,- discount applies only when purchasing a new Comrex Access Portable 2USB IP Codec. The action is valid from 18th of April ...
Comrex presents the ACCESS MultiRack and ACCESS NX Rack! What can these new Comrex product do and what can they do for you?  Comrex ACCESS MultiRack The first new product introduced by Comrex at the NAB 2018 is the ACCES MultiRack. The most impressive feature of the ACCES MultiRack is the possibility to link five full duplex codexs at the same time. The ACCESS MultiRack is also compa...
Radio Veronica is a Dutch commercial broadcaster with music from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Next to music there are programs where the Comrex Access is used a lot for the live events.Radio Veronica has upgraded her units with the 4G upgrade kit. Radio Veronica’s Mario van der Ark (Sr. Technical Engineer) explains: "We chose the 4G upgrade because there is a lot of covera...