The latest standard for internet streaming!

Many radio stations went ahead, Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 has become the latest standard when we’re talking about internet streaming.

There’s no doubt about it, internet streaming has become the normal way to listen to your favorite radio station. In the office, at home and since the 4G bundles are becoming more affordable, listening in the car or with your phone on the bike isn’t an exception anymore. Therefore, a lot of broadcasters are choosing to use Telos’s Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 streaming software, a platform where streaming and processing are combined to an ideal mixture.

There are multiple channels to configure, independently equipped with the complete Omnia.9 processing, designed by Leif Claesson. "Undo" technology deletes distortion, caused by a badly mastered input signal whilst the dynamic range gets restored and expanded with a de-clipper and multi-band expander.

The streams can easily be managed with NfRemote, from your workstation or even via an internet connection. The Telos 9X/2 Streaming Software Encoder can create up to 16 independent license based streams and is also capable of being used in the cloud. The Telos 9X/2 Streaming Software Encoder is already being used by several professional broadcasters based in the Netherlands among which: RTV Rijnmond, RTV Drenthe, Omrop Fryslân, Omroep Zeeland and Omroep Flevoland.

RTV Drenthe chooses the Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2.

In the beginning of 2017, RTV Drenthe started to use their brand new radio streaming solution. Accompanied perfectly and realized in collaboration with Triple Audio.

“Our main goal with the new streaming environment was to serve multiple platforms, as well as providing them with the correct coding and processing. For the coding of the streams, we chose Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 software. The Omnia.9 processing technology in the Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 provides every stream output with individual processing.” Says Albert Slotboom, Technical Coordinator at RTV Drenthe.

Advised by Triple Audio, RTV Drenthe chose to replace the old pc that provided the streams. Which instantly created a leap towards very high continuity and reliability. “With the choice of the Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 encoder and the Omnia.9 processing, we are able to act quickly upon the demand for a complementary stream.” In the current set-up, the soundcard of choice was a Sonifex PC-DIG4 Digitorc 4. The pc has been equipped with a second ethernet adaptor to make it more future-proof, in case RTV Drenthe wants to switch to an AoIP solution, like Livewire+.

The setup and adjusting was done on-site at RTV Drenthe, with support of Edwin van der plank from Triple Audio, “Since we started to use the complete stream solution, the streams are ‘automagically’ live.’’ Says Albert Slotboom proudly.

RTV Rijnmond uses Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2 for DAB+ eand radio streaming. 

In a quest for a sound that is clearer and more transparent, where also modern (overly produced) music sounds great again, RTV Rijnmond found that the Z/IPStream 9X/2 by Telos is the best for the job.

“This manufacturer has spent some serious time and effort looking into the problem of music that gets fed into the multi-band compressor in the studio and after that, again for the radio." Explains Steven Hulsker, Head Projects & Innovation at RTV Rijnmond.

The new algorithms in the Z/IPStream 9X/2, which is based upon the Omnia.9 processor, can (within reason), minimalize the distortion and restore the dynamic range. Thereby, the listeners end up as winners because there is more unity in the signal, and the level inequalities are minimalized.
“RTV Rijnmond is very happy to serve their audience with a transparent sound via this new technology” Says Steven

After the quick installation of the intuitive interface is Albert Slotboom (Technical Coordinator at RTV Drenthe) and Steven Hulsker (Head Projects & Innovation at RTV Rijnmond), fully satisfied.

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