Team - PrizeFighter & Comrex VH2

PrizeFighter is a price administration –system, its database can be linked to telephone hybrids or SMS-platforms. PrizeFighter works with hybrids built by Telos, Yellowtec and from now on, the Comrex VH2 is added to this list! This makes the software very suitable for radio and TV programs.

Prizefighter callscreen

PrizeFighter recognizes price hunters and those can be blocked, in this way the prices are distributed as honestly as possible. Even before the phone call is answered the software shows how many times the caller called before, what he or she won, for what amount of money and if the blocking period is expired.

You can generate reports of all the given prices which can be viewed, printed or exported. You can also generate a report for lottery tax. If the prices need to be shipped PrizeFighter is able to generate shipping documents or an automated e-mail or text-message.

In short, PrizeFighter is the all-in-one package for radio and TV stations how want to manage their available prices. 

Support of Comrex VH2

PrizeFighter can work with telephone hybrids from Telos like the Telos VX , Yellowtec and from now on, the Comrex VH2 is added to this list! 

The Comrex VH2 is a 100% VoIP solution and can be operated as a traditional telephone hybrid. It offers the user two digital lines and all the benefits of VoIP. The user friendly front panel allows users to manage calls in studio quality.

Thanks to the Comrex VH2, PrizeFighter became interesting for the smaller radio stations.

PriceFighter already built an impressive list of references:

PrizeFighter ondersteund Comrex VH2

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