RTV Apeldoorn chooses Lineair Acoustic AERO.10

RTV Apeldoorn, (the local broadcaster of the city Apeldoorn) has bought a Linear Acoustic AERO.10. They've chosen the AERO.10 because of the al-in-one processing for television broadcast via over-the-air, over-the-top, and mobile services. The AERO.10 replaces many pieces of hardware with one device, which where otherewise needed to gain the same processing quality. 

"We were looking for an all-in-one solution (leveling and video delay) which is easy to operate withouth the complexity of different devices. The Relay bypass of all I/O is another reason why we've chosen the AERO.10, as a small local broadcaster there isn't always a technichian on site who is able to act during an interference. Altogether the AERO.10 is the next step in professionalizing the TV channel."

- Jeroen Melis Facility Manager at RTV Apeldoorn.


AERO.10 the features

Highest quality, industry standard audio control has never been more affordable. The AERO.10 is a fully featured audio processor supporting up to ten channels of audio and shares a processing engine identical to those found in the AERO.100/1000/2000 products. Tools such as loudness and dynamic range control, upmixing, downmixing, plus ITU and EBU compliant loudness metering and logging makes the AERO.10 an extremely powerful solution for nearly any application at an extremely low cost.

To this, the AERO.10 adds a simple LCD front panel GUI and stereo analog I/O. The headphone output is useful for checking audio or adjusting processing and has been designed to provide plenty of level, even for difficult loads or quiet sources. The remote application also delivers remote audio, up to 5.1 channels, so the user can audition signal quality anywhere link bandwidth permits.

The Linear Acoustic Advanced ITU (AI) Limiter enables a simple loudness target to be set, and the AERO.10 does the rest to assure compliance and quality.

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