From engineering to production

Product Engineering is one of leading forces within Triple Audio. We developed a broad variety of products to fulfill the complex needs of our customers. Structured production lines ensure that we deliver pure perfection in our products, which are tailored according to the wishes and demands of the users.

Triple Audio has an in-house production facility, which provides in custom and series production lines. This results in structural production processes. Our advanced quality control system according to the Lean Manufacturing standards allows Triple Audio to develop, build and maintain the most complex and mission critical devices. 

Every single product finds its origin at the drawing board. Most of the times, that’s our 3D virtual prototyping  environment. In this stage the designers and engineers are working together with the technicians of the production lines, to make sure the production trajectory will be as lean and efficient as possible. A fixed plan of realization makes sure the process is identically and normalized for every unit of the same series. The process consists of multiple semi-finished products, which are brought together to form one single product at the end.

Every finished part of the process, will be signed off by the technician in charge, this results in a clear overview of semi-finished products. In order to keep the quality of build as high as possible, every phase of production has their own quality control and measuring moment in the production line. The build process comes to an end with a final burn-in test and a final control. 

The products build by Triple Audio are shipped and delivered all over the world, which means that the highest quality must be achieved. Always. Triple Audio has the ability to insert non-standard solutions, knowledge & specialism and suppliers  into certain processes, where they can make a world of difference, to serve a very broad oriented market.