De Grote Telos Infinity Show

Telos Infinity is different than every other intercom system, because Telos Infinity doesn't have a matrix. Triple Audio is convinced of this revolutionairy product and wants to share this with you! We organize the 'Great Telos Infinity Show', on the 19th and 20th of March. During this event you will learn everything about Telos infintiy, you can even try the IP intercom system yourself! 

The Great Telos Infinity Show takes place on 19th and 20th of March, both days have the same program. After some coffee or tea with an introduction between 9.30h and 10.00h, Martin Dyster from The Telos Alliance gives a presentation about Telos Infinity. Martin is Vice President of Business Development and Product Director for the Telos Infinity IP Intercom system, so he can tell you everything about this unique product.

The second part of the Great Telos Infinity Show is Het tweede deel van De Grote Telos Infinity Show is the practical part. This part starts with a demo where you will learn the basics of Telos Infinity. After that, you will get the chance to try Telos Infinity in a case that's relevant for your workfield. After the practical part, there will be a lunch where you will get the chance to network. 

Details and signing up
The Great Telos Infinity Show takes place at the Techlab at Triple Audio on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of March. You're welcome around 9.30h, the event starts at 10.00h. There will be no fee for a ticket to the Great Telos Infinity Show, but it is required to sign up. 

>> Click here to sign up for the Great Telos Infinity Show on the 19th of March (Tuesday)
>> Click here to sign up for the Great Telos Infinity Show on the 20th of March (Wednesday)

Telos Infinity products Martin Dyster with Telos Infinity