Ready for the future with the Comrex Access NX

Since Comrex introduced the ACCESS over a decade ago, it has become the world’s leading IP audio codec. And in that time, IP transmission technology has developed significantly. Comrex has taken their world-class platform, along with the last decade of technical growth, and built a brand new platform for the future -the Comrex Access NX IP Audio Codec.

Access NX has been designed from the ground up to support CrossLock technology. The most advanced network management tool on the market today, CrossLock gives users the ability to use multiple IP networks together simultaneously. Crosslock will immediately evaluate how much bandwidth is available, while factoring in latency and jitter information, and combine the two connections to take advantage of all available bandwidth.


5 inch touchscreen 

Equipped with a 5-inch capacitive touch screen, it’s simple to operate Access NX in the field. Plus, with a smaller chassis and an improved user interface, Access NX is designed to be even more user-friendly than its predecessor.

Access NX Mixer

And last but not least, the Comrex Access NX features two XLR inputs digitala peak limiter and a stereo line input. The Comrex Access NX Mixer accessory  “docks” to the Access NX and expands the audio I/O to four mic/line selectable XLR Inputs and four stereo Headphone Outputs on 1⁄4″ jacks. All NX Portable audio connectors remain active during use of the Mixer, so the total number of Input/Headphone connector pairs increases to six.


  • - 2  two mic/line XLR inputs with digital peak limiter en stereo line input
  • - 2 USB ports for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi dongles
  • - Built-in Ethernet port
  • - 2 stereo headphone outputs 
  • - Digitale mixing and headphone busses 
  • - AAC family and Opus encoders
  • - Internal lithium ion battery – up to 6.5 hours of talk time 
  • - Serial data and  4 I/O contact closures
  • - Access NX works with Access Rackmount, Bric-Link II en Bic-Link

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