Axia IP-Audio Driver First with AES67 Compliance!

We are proud to announce v2.10 of the Axia IP-Audio Driver, which makes this the very first IP driver on the market to feature AES67 compliance. 

Telos Alliance invented AoIP for Broadcast in 2003, which is the story we want to continually tell as it shows that we are the innovators in broadcast tech. Our competitors would like to spin a different tale, however, of Livewire being “old” technology. By leading the way with education, product, and reinforcing Livewire and Livewire+ AES67's unique selling points, we combat that notion. The IP-Audio Driver, which we are now calling the Axia Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver, reinforces this commitment to constant innovation.

To make it AES67-compliant, we've added the ability to sync to PTP, support to define multicast addresses outside of the Livewire range, and added SIP/Unicast support for RTP streaming.

Visit the Axia Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver Product Page for the software download, release notes for v2.10, updated brochure, and updated manual.

The software update is free to those who already own an IP-Audio Driver,