5 reasons for VOLT!

Now it's FM, now it's HD, the Omnia VOLT can do everything! Here are five reasons for you to get your studio an Omnia VOLT Multi-Use Audio Processor.

#1: Budget
Omnia VOLT delivers versatility, reliability, and performance at the best price. No need to buy five different processors; switching from one format to another (FM, AM, HD/DAB/DRM, streaming, and stereo generation) is free and easy with a software update.
#4: Amazing sound
Omnia is the industry leader in audio processing performance. Technology found in flagship Omnia processors has trickled down into the 1RU VOLT, offering incredible sound for all formats.

#2: Always on air
Keep a VOLT on the shelf as a backup, and no matter which station’s processor might go out, you can install the appropriate software to VOLT and be back on the air in a few minutes!

#5: Ready for the future
Not only is the swappable software great for backup purposes, it means VOLT can evolve as trends and regulations change, making it future proof.

#3: Flexible
Omnia VOLT is an audio processing platform that enables FM, AM, DRM/HD/DAB, or stereo generation applications and streaming at no additional cost to you.

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