Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator

Ideal for applications where the final limiter and stereo generator must be separate from the main audio processor, the Omnia.9sg is based on the same limiter, clipper, and stereo generator technology incorporated in the Omnia.9. Features include a psychoacoustic distortion masking clipper, Auto Pilot which automatically switches off the stereo pilot during mono programming, allowing up to a 12 dB increase in signal to noise, and selectable SSB (single sideband) stereo encoding. Also included is the full suite of test tools from the Omnia.9 with access to both internal and external MPX signal analysis via NF Remote.
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List price: € 4 101,37
€ 3 978,33
Art nr: 14498
Brand: Omnia
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Author: Rob Scholtes  Omnia.9sg review by Rob Scholtes (Technical Manager FunX) The Omnia.9sg is available for some time now, but is sparingly used in the Netherlands. Which is unfair, because according to Omnia sound the new FM-stereo generator cleaner and louder than conventional stereo generators and enables a better FM-reception. Does the Omnia.9sg meet up the expectations? The O...