Telos VX Prime - IP phone system for small use

IP Phone system for small use, with big advantages

With its eight hybrids, the VX Prime is ideal for use in small to medium facilities with two to four studios. The system supports the G.722 codec which makes the use of HD Voice possible. For bigger studios the full version of Telos VX is available.

Add to that the fact that VX Prime will ultimately pay for itself due to the money saved on traditional phone lines. With the use of a Axia Mixed-signal xNode the VX Prime system can easily be integrated in a studio were no Livewire is available yet.

Next to controlling the Telos VX Prime using the Vset phone it can be controlled by the simple and intuitive XScreen 2 call-screening software developed by Broadcast Bionics. (XScreen 2 Lite comes with the VX Prime at no charge). This gives the user call history, recording, announcements etc.

For users who want to keep using POTS and ISDN, the video "Bringing Phone Lines Into Telos VX"  is a great resource on different ways you can bring existing phone lines into to a VX IP phone system. An upgrade to a Telos IP phone system will ensure that your studio is supplied with the latest IP technology and will sound so much better, with clearer calls and a better experience for the listener.

Cost-Efficient Way to Upgrade to IP

  • Lower cost alternative to full VX Broadcast System
  • Broadcasters save money every month on expensive ISDN/POTS lines
  • Ideal for smaller facilities (2-4 studios) with smaller budgets

Immaculate Audio Quality

  • Native support of G.722 'HD Voice' codec
  • Smart AGC ensures consistent caller audio levels
  • Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ) by Omnia adjusts EQ automatically to ensure call-to-call consistency and the best intelligibility

Simple Setup

  • Connects to your existing Livewire network with a single Ethernet cable
  • Non-Livewire studios can use Telos Multipurpose xNode for audio and GPIO connectivity to studio consoles
  • Provides phone hybrids for each of your studios without need for any additional wiring or physical audio connections
  • No restriction to the number of SIP lines or phone numbers that can come into the system
  • Eight fixed hybrid/faders (not expandable)

Unparalleled Support

  • Industry-leading 24/7 support
  • Telos standard 5-Year warranty
    Free Xscreen Lite call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics

Telos VX PrimeTelos VX Prime