Omnia.9sg sounds harder in Tilburg

Kermis FM is tunable on 105.9 FM environs Tilburg ones per year during the biggest fair of the Netherlands. Kermis FM can be received once a year at 105.9 FM during the biggest fair of the Netherlands which takes place in Tilburg. A lot of famous people and talents come over for this special pop-up radio station. To make it this year even more special for the listeners, is there chosen for a they have chosen to use the Omnia.9sg. The job of the Omnia.9sg is to make the sound even harder, louder, fatter and most important better sounding sound without losing quality and recognition for the thousands of visitors. Visitors will stay tuned on Kermis FM because it is the most delicious radio station to listen. 

Kermis Tilburg 2016 - Omnia.9sgKermis Tilburg 2016 - Omnia.9sg

The Omnia.9sg is the latest link of the transmitter chain. The Omnia.9sg make things possible what never was before and this all is can be with conservation of the audio processors on the studio side. By positioning of the Omnia.9sg as latest link of the transmitter chain, things are possible that where never possible before without adjusting the existing audio processors! 

Kermis Tilburg 2016 - Omnia.9sg

Summarized; it is possible to make a louder and cleanlier sound which reach the listener with existing audio processors and the Omnia.9sg. Louder and cleaner sound? It is all possible by using the Omnia.9sg in your existing audio processing!

Nearby Tilburg? Don’t forget to tune on Kermis FM on 105.9FM, you’ll hear the difference.

The Omnia.9sg something for you? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a demo!

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