Next level Intercom over IP

A modern broadcast setup is based on Audio over IP. Next to the playout, mixer, STL’s and other necessities, the intercom forms an import piece of functionality.

In the new Omroep Flevoland Livewire+ AoIP installation, this has all been integrated very neatly. The incoming as well as the outgoing audio, signaling and logics are all enclosed in one connection. Of course the audio part of the intercom is Livewire. One enormous advantage is that any intercom post can use any source and destination within the network. For instance: the talkback of an IFB can work with multiple intercom posts on basis of priority. A setup like that can be configured within minutes.

At Omroep Flevoland the intercom panels are also used to supply the redaction and reception a way of communication with both main studio’s. On these panels you can also see the red light indication, so that the receptionist can know if a DJ at any given moment.

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